Website update + game update soon


Website update + game update soon

We’ve added some new things to our website:

  • FAQ page (will be updated consequently)
  • Reviews page (now you can say what you like or dislike in our website/game 🙂 )
  • Phone verification (remember that is isn’t allowed for some countries yet)

Now we’re working on third verification. It will be surveys too. Why may you ask? Because some users complained about this kind of content locker. We want to make sure you would be able to play this game, no matter where are you from.

Oh, and one more thing – the game will be updated in next few days. Everyone who has passed verification would get an e-mail with update link.

Stay tuned!

PS. We would like to thank you for all positive feedback you send us on our e-mail. We couldn’t have dreamt of better beta testers than you are. Evey single message motivates us and makes us working harder to provide you the best version of the Super Mario Run.

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Oscar McCleary

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Founder of the Super Mario Run Fan Page. Java and Swift programming languages pro, The Witcher and Skyrim #1 fan. He finished almost every game from the Super Mario series and now he wants to help other players by posting useful stuff on this web page.

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  • Hellow
    Nov 17, 2016 @ 21:48 pm

    Hey just want to thannk you for sharing with us gamers this game is amazing and the best part is we have it for free


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