Super Mario Run on Google Play!


Super Mario Run on Google Play!

Hello everyone! This post will be a short one, but please read it carefully, because we have something special for every SMR player! 🙂

As you probably know, 2 days ago Super Mario Run became available for download on Google Play! That’s a great news for everyone who waited for this game to appear on Android. Some of you have already downloaded it from our website, but it wasn’t so popular as we expected.

We’re happy to announce, that from today, Super Mario Run Pro (Full Version) is available to download from our website (on Android and iOS!). You can pay for it by PayPal, or download pro apk just by completing a quick offer.

That’s all for now. Click on the button below to download Super Mario Run on your Android or iOS device and enjoy this awesome game!

Download Super Mario Run Now!

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