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Super Mario Run Android Download available SOON!

Only 3 days left to the official Super Mario Run release! It will appear on the AppStore on 15 December 2016, but we’re preparing something for everyone who doesn’t have any device with the apple logo on it. What it will […]


Beta has Ended Today!

Beta ends… After one and a half month Super Mario Run beta comes to an end. That means Super Mario Run download will appear in next two weeks, but the website will be closed for few days (we have to […]


Website update + game update soon

We’ve added some new things to our website: FAQ page (will be updated consequently) Reviews page (now you can say what you like or dislike in our website/game 🙂 ) Phone verification (remember that is isn’t allowed for some countries […]


Translators needed!

Quick announcement: we are looking for native speakers of as many languages as possible. As for now Marc Lukasik from our team is finishing his translation into The Polish language. My friend Fletcher Sciverit would probably help us too, with translation […]


Beta Test start!

Hello, everyone! As you can see – our website has just appeared on the internet. I’m pleased to announce that we have been chosen as official Super Mario Run beta testers! Our goal is to make this game no. 1 […]